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I Am A Dancer

Whenever you skip stairs, jump like a frog, sway to the tune in your head, or try to fly like a bird, you're moving just the way a dancer does.

"It's the graceful lines about finding joy everywhere and expressing that joy through art and movement that make this noteworthy, and parents and teachers alike will enjoy sharing the book's life-affirming, inclusive message." –Booklist 

"Seeing movement in so many diverse things and places, children will catch the idea and find their own inner dancer." –Children's Literature 

"Collins has created a poem here that dances, springs, swirls and entrances. Her words capturing movement and dance echo, offering inspiration to children and insight into the meaning of being a dancer." –Kids Lit 

"This book is a lovely merging of art and poetry and gives a delightful sense of joyful motion." –School Library Journal

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