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illustrated by Dee Huxley

As Hildy knows,hide-and-seek can be more than just a game. It's knowing that sometimes the best way to be noticed is to disappear altogether. And even more than being found, it's being missed that matters most.

Furious with her family, again, Hildy is hiding, and she will not come out even though they beg, tempt, bribe, say sorry, and promise never to make her angry again. It is every fuming preschooler’s dream: the anger and the sweetness of being missed. The bright, active double-page spreads in pastel and colored pencil show the intense Hildy in her secret hiding place, but the focus is also on her loving parents and older siblings tearing the house apart and shouting their love for her on every page. They search for her in Mommy’s button box, and up in the clouds, and up the chimney. Preschoolers will love the farce of the hide-and-seek game, the kisses and hugs of the final embrace, and, best of all, the power of the youngest one. –Hazel Rochman, Copyright, 2005 Booklist

Recommended by "Best Books for Children: Preschool Through Grade 6", Catherine Barr and George Gillespie, 2005

Come Out Come Out
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